Spjotenuten, 1358m

Mountain area : Rauland
Fylke/Kommune : Telemark/xx
Primary Factor: Unranked point
Hiked : June 1998
Raulandsfjell and Spjotenuten

Raulandsfjell and Spjotenuten

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Spjotenuten is an unranked point on the Raulandsfjell massif. I was visiting the area in June 1998, and decided to go for a hike and get some views. I cannot recall details about the trail, but the hike ended on some cairns on the east side of the massif. Only pictures are provided on this page.

Pictures from the June 1998 hike:

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Pictures are presented in the order they were taken.

1. Views from Rauland (112KB) 2. Raulandsfjell and Spjotenuten (142KB) 3. Troll on the way to Spjotenuten (78KB) 4. On Spjotenuten (138KB) 5. Me and Troll on Spjotenuten (104KB) 6. Gaustatoppen seen from Spjotenuten (96KB) 7. Hardangervidda mountains seen from Spjotenuten (143KB)

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