Skogshorn, 1728m

Mountain area: Hemsedal, Buskerud

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Skogshorn seen from lake Helsingvatn


Hemsedal is a popular winter sport resort in Norway, located north of Geilo and nortwest of Gol, other popular winter sport resorts. Hemsedal is a four-hour drive from Bergen and marginal less from Oslo.

From Hemsedal, there are two exits towards Lykkja from highway 52 (one from Ulsvåk), as you are approaching Hemsedal from Gol. Follow any of these roads towards Lykkja. Pass lake Vannen (you will be driving on the shoreline), and shortly after you will be heading direct towards the eastern side of Skogshorn. You will see that the southern side is steep at first, so continue driving northeast for a little while. You see a number of summer pastures. Pick anyone of these to start from, but leave the car down by the road.

The trail:

The regular trail begins at Lykkja, I believe. But I was looking for a shortcut, due to the amounts of snow. I started at Jordastølene and climbed a little bit to the right of the steep southeastern side. Once on Skogshorn ridge, the road up was straight forward, with exception of the rotten snow that sometimes went over my knees. Once you think you're up, you're not. From that point, the summit lies 15 minutes away.
Skogshorn Map

I was heading into ugly weather, so the view was limited. The hike only took 1h 45m, despite the bad snow. Trailhead begins at approx. 950m.

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Skogshorn seen from Jordestolane. I climbed the eastern side (102KB) Lake Storevatnet seen from the way up. (110KB) Troll on Skogshorn summit, in the doggybag (90KB) Hemsedal mountains seen from Hogevarde at Norefjell (262KB) View towards Hemsedal. Storehorn and Veslehorn seen to the right (190KB) Gilafjellet seen to the left from the way up to Skogshorn (191KB)

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