Skjerjavasshovden, 1264m
Trollahorgi, 1171m
Belaskardhorgi, 1160m
1115 SW of Hundeggi, 1115m

Mountain area : Stølsheimen
Fylke/Kommune : Hordaland/Vaksdal
Map : 1216 I Eksingadalen (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary Factor: Skjerjavasshovden: > 264m
Primary Factor: Trollahorgi: 181m (Skjerjavasshovden)
Primary Factor: Belaskardhorgi: 130m (Trollahorgi)
Primary Factor: SW of Hundeggi: 105m (Hundeggi)
Hiked : June 2000, June 2002 (1115m SW of Hundeggi)
Skjerjavasshovden seen from north

Skjerjavasshovden seen from north


Skjerjavasshovden is the highest mountain in Vaksdal kommune, and lies by lake Skjerjavatnet in the central parts of the Stølsheimen mountain range.

Typical for mountains in this area, is a mixture of steep and gentle sides, and Skjerjavasshovden is no exception. Trollahorgi and Belaskardhorgi is two ranked neighbours, while 1115 SW of Hundeggi is a (barely) ranked unnamed point south-west on the Hundeggi ridge. This mountain lies on the other side of the mountain road, but shares a common trailhead with Skjerjavasshovden.

Trail descriptions:

Lake 707 - Skjerjavasshovden, incl. Trollahorgi & Belaskardhorgi (spring/summer/autumn)
Lake 707 - 1115m SW of Hundeggi (spring/summer/autumn)

Difficulty : Low
Risk : Low
Distance : 4.1Km to 1115 SW of Hundeggi from lake 707
Time : 1-2 hours to 1115 SW of Hundeggi from lake 707
Time : 2-3 hours to Skjerjavasshovden from lake 707
Starting Elev.: 730m-750m
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From Bergen, take highway E16 east towards Voss/Oslo. At Evanger (approx. 75Km from Bergen, and 20Km from Voss), exit towards Eksingadalen/Brekkhus. Pass through the Evanger community and head north up Eksingadalen. When you see an exit towards Brekkhus, go left. After this exit, the road climbs high towards a pass before descending towards Nesheim. From E16 to Nesheim, the distance is approx. 23Km.

At Nesheim, exit right towards Gullbrå. Follow this road 5,3Km and exit left, just after a bridge. Now you're on the mountain service road. The sign says that driving is on your own responsibility. Follow the gravel road approx. 3.7Km for the Hundeggi parking (see picture below) or approx. 4.8Km to the Skjerjavasshovden parking (just below Beinhellerberget, where the road turns north). Do not focus to much on the odometer for these trailheads. Instead, use the map provided on this page.

A few general comments on the road: The road from E16 to where you exit onto the service road is narrow in many places. Mind your speed, as you could be meeting another car around the next corner. Also be on the look-out for sheeps and goats. They could be anywhere. Be especially careful on the mountain service road. Although it's quite wide enough and well built, the gravel is loose. Don't speed on this road.

The trails:


From the parking just below Beinhellerberget, hike down to where the creek runs out in the north part of lake 707. Crossing may be difficult, but at least one passage should get you safely across. If crossing seems impossible, continue up the road towards lake Askjelldalsvatnet, and get on the right-hand side after crossing a bridge.

Continue up towards the Belaskardet pass, passing lake 728 on the right hand side. From Belaskardet, take the opportunity to easy hikes up to Trollahorgi (on your left) and Belaskardhorgi (on your right). The Belaskardhorgi route may seem steep, but you should not have any problems up this way.

Head down to Lonevågen (arm of the main lake) and follow this on the east side. At the end of the lake, take a direct SW approach for the summit. It should be rather obvious where the best route runs.

1115m SW of Hundeggi

From your parking near the small road that forks from the main road, and runs down to the lake, hike straight up towards the mountain and join the trail that starts a little further to your left. The trail runs straight up towards Beinhellerhaugane (812m). Just before the ridge ends, look for a switchback route up to your left. If you get too far up, another trail will take you onto the ridge, but this approach has a couple of slightly exposed points. Once the trail descends, you've walked too far.

Once on the ridge, follow it all the way to the top. There are two summit plateaus, both 1115m. As such, you may want to visit them both. Once on the easternmost point, you get a clearer view towards Sølvberget and the Hundeggi ridge. You will find no cairns on the summits, and you will have to determine which is the higher point on each summit block.

Skjerjavasshovden pictures:

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Skjerjavasshovden and lake Skjerjavatnet (230KB) Skjerjavasshovden seen from Hellesaata (110KB) Trollahorgi and Belaskardhorgi seen from lake 707 (78KB) Skjerjavasshovden (right) seen from the 1115 ridge (151KB)

1115m SW of Hundeggi pictures:

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1115m SW of Hundeggi seen from Askjellfjellet (155KB) The trailhead (103KB) The trail up is there somewhere... (95KB) You can also join the ridge higher up (133KB) South view towards Kvitanosi from the ridge (209KB) The two 1115m summits (310KB) A tired dog wants to go home (82KB) Between the two 1115m summits (62KB) East view towards Blyfjell (185KB) Close-up of Kvitanosi. Highest in Stolsheimen (102KB)

Pictures from other hikes:

Summit view from Saudalsnovi (755KB) View from Nonhaugen (571KB) View from Kvanngronavene (516KB) Kvitanosi summit views (1578KB) Skjerjavasshovden seen from Slettefjellet (204KB) Skjerjavasshovden seen from Norddalsfjellet (652KB)

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