Skinneggi, 1607m
Hundeknappen, 1547m
Utsikten, 1518m

Mountain area : Jotunheimen
Fylke/Kommune : Oppland/Vang
Map : 1517-I Tyin (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary Factor: Skinneggi: 377m
Primary Factor: Hundeknappen: 157m
Primary Factor: Utsikten: 0m
Hiked : Aug 1999
Bjorn and I on Skinneggi, 1607m

Bjørn and I
on Skinneggi, 1607m


Skinneggi is a mountain area east of lake Tyin and south-west of lake Bygdin. The normal trailhead is Eidsbugarden/Fondsbu, north of lake Tyin. The mountain area is in sharp contrast to the wild peaks west and north of Eidsbugarden. Skinneggi is the name of the mountain area, but for simplicity, I have given the name to the high point at 1607m.

Trail descriptions:

Eidsbugarden - Skinneggi - Hundeknappen trail

Difficulty : Easy
Risk : Low
Distance :
Time : 4-6 hours round-trip
Starting Elev.: Approx. 1059m
Map of Skinneggi

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Eastern access:

From Fagernes, follow highway E16 to Tyinkrysset. Exit right in the Tyinkrysset junction, and follow highway 53/252 north upwards until you reach lake Tyin. Exit right onto 252 towards Eidsbugarden.

Western access:

From Lærdal, follow highway E16 to Tyinkrysset. Se Eastern Access above for Eidsbugarden route.

A third access point is highway 53 from Øvre Årdal.

The trail:

From Eidsbugarden, head towards the parking area and find the trail heading south upwards to Utsikten (1518m). The trail is easy and the elevation gain is smooth.

From Utsikten, the trail turns south-east and runs over point 1575m. On the map, the trail ends just after this point, but the direction towards the high point at 1607 should be obvious, and the walk is not far.

From 1607m, head east towards the south end of lakes 1374, and then head north-east towards Hundeknappen. Hundeknappen can be scaled from various sides. Choose a route you are comfortable with.

The landscape on Skinneggi does not offer any particular scary parts, and you are quite free to determine your own route. From Hundeknappen, you can take a north-west approach, aiming for the original trail somewhere.


From Hundeknappen you have a great view over lake Bygdin. From Utsikten, the north view towards the southern Jotunheimen 2000m peaks is plain grand.

Skiing Skinneggi in winter should be a great experience. The road to Eidsbugarden is closed in the winter, but you will be able to access this mountain area from the south, given that E16 over Fillefjell is open.

An interesting story about the mountain can be found in the book "Kremen av topper 2" by Erik W. Thommessen. In addition, the book mentions other trailheads for Skinneggi.

Trip Report Aug 1999:

The day before, my friend Bjørn and I had scaled Slettmarkpiggen, south-east of Eidsbugarden. This was a scary experience, and we were both happy to do an easy hike this Sunday morning.

The hike was quite uneventful with exception of the marvellous views of Jotunheimen from Skinneggi. In addition, we kept bumping into a herd of reindeer. It seemed like the area was not big enough for two parties to avoid each other. The last encounter had its nerve, as the reindeer set course towards us. I was under the impression that enough was enough and they wanted to scare these trespassers off the mountain. I convinced Bjørn to up the tempo under some lame excuse. I don't think he ever understood that I was running from the reindeer.

After a 5 hour walk, our annual Jotunheimen visit was over. And I will always carry with me the memories from the Slettmarkpiggen downclimb.

Pictures from the 2001 hike:

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Eidsbugarden and Fondsbu (171KB) Eisbugarden seen from Utsikten (223KB) Enjoying the view before hiking Hundeknappen (252KB) View towards Falketind and Hurrungane from Skinneggi (250KB) Urdanostinden and Mjolkedalstinden seen from Skinneggi (230KB) Bjorn on Skinneggi, 1607m (239KB) Reindeer on Skinneggi (179KB) On Hundeknappen over Lake Bygdin (185KB)

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