Skamdalshorgi, 1029m

Mountain area : Granvin
Fylke/Kommune : Hordaland/{Granvin,Voss}
Maps : 1316-II Ulvik; (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary Factor: 419m
Hiked : May 2003
See also : Høgahorgi (same trailhead)
Skamdalshorgi seen from Hogahorgi

Skamdalshorgi seen from Høgahorgi


Skamdalshorgi fits well in the range of Voss and Granvin mountains building gradually from the north and ends in a steep southern face. Skamdalshorgi is difficult to view from any roads, but is quite characteristic viewed from distance, as the mountain is bending slightly to the east.

This mountain is extremely easy to reach, as a forest road passes high at the north base of the mountain. Just leave the road, get on a ridge and hike upwards to the summit. From the summit, one has Herdabreida, Oksen, Høgahorgi and Veskrehorgi mountains in clear view. In the north, one can see Horndalsnuten and Skipadalsnuten.

It would be natural to assume that the mountain inherited its name from Skamdalen, located on the west side of Grønlivatnet. On some maps, the mountain is also referred to as Skåndalshorgi.

Primary Factor

Skamdalshorgi has a primary factor of 419m, towards the higher Veskrehorgi. This is quite high in Hordaland, and puts Skamdalshorgi among the top 60 mountains, ranked by primary factor. The "saddle" is east of Moltelii. The last adjacent 5m contours (Norgesglasset) on the high route are 605m, giving an interpolated saddle height of 603m.

Trail descriptions:

Note: Class ratings are in reference to YDS (Yosemite Decimal System).

Bulko - Skamdalshorgi (spring)

Difficulty : Class 1
Comments : No difficulties, but a little steep at times
Distance : Approx. 4Km to summit
Time : Approx. 2 hours to summit
Starting Elev.: Approx. 500m

Map of the area
Map of the area
Detailed map
Detailed map


From Bergen, follow E16 towards Oslo/Voss. From the central junction in Voss (traffic light), do not follow E16 (left) but drive straight ahead. Cross the bridge and follow the road which will junction with highway 7. Follow highway 7 until you see the "Bulko" exit (right). This exit is approx. 13,5Km from the traffic light in Voss.

Follow the gravel road as it switchbacks upwards. Drive until you have a large parking area on your right, and park there. This parking is approx. 2,7Km from the highway 7 junction. Note that this parking is reserved for cabin owners, and it might be a bad idea to go in Easter and other public holidays.

The route

You have a clear view towards Skamdalshorgi from the parking. Follow the gravel road and at the first junction, go straight ahead. The road will take you to the north base of the mountain. Just before the road descends, exit the road and get on the ridge.

The route is obvious and there is no need to go into details. Determine a route you are comfortable with. Some hills are a little steep, but there is no exposure or any difficulties. On top of the first hill you arrive at a small cairn, and you have view towards the summit, across the plateau. Cross the plateau and head for the high point, marked by a proper cairn. Another cairn is found further NE, which marks the steep south face.

Trip report May 03 2003

I didn't really want to go hiking this Saturday morning. But still felt comitted to "go to work". The clouds were low, and the weather didn't seem very stable. I felt uninspired when looking through the maps, in search of a destination. I chose Skamdalshorgi, with an optional hike to Høgahorgi, which was close by. I considered bringing the skis, but abandoned the thought quickly. I concluded this wasn't skiing terrain.

So, after a long drive from Bergen, I was on my way from the Bulko parking at 10:10AM. There was much more snow in these mountains, and I regretted leaving the skis behind. Once I left the forest road, I sunk down to my knees in soft snow. I quickly eliminated Høgahorgi from the hiking list and continued towards Skamdalshorgi. At approx. 800m, the snow got much firmer and hiking was now a delight. But the weather worsened. Light snow and the high mountains summits slowly disappeared. I reached the summit at 11:25PM, and shot a quick round of pictures before I headed back. I was back at the car in less than 1 hour.

On the way back to Bergen, the weather was slightly better as I drove past Stanghelle. I decided to have a better look at the Nonagjelet couloir, leading to Flatafjellet. This turned out to be a unsuccessful ascent, but the visit was worth the while.

Pictures from the May 03 2003 hike:

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Skamdalshorgi seen from the parking (141KB) Skamdalshorgi seen from the forest road (130KB) View towards Tinden (257KB) View down to the forest road (117KB) View towards Hogahorgi (148KB) Summit view from Skamdalshorgi (212KB) View towards Oksen and Hogahorgi (333KB) Skamdalshorgi seen from the forest road (153KB)

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