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On May 6 2006, I visited Skårasalen on skis. It was a nice trip to a fabulous viewpoint, but because of haze, the views were mediocre. I took my summit pictures, went back home, and that was that.


Skårasalen panorama

Skårasalen panorama
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But on Sep 16 2008, Arnljot Myrene from Tegneren Reklamestudio contacted me regarding this picture. He had been contracted to provide a panorama from Skårasalen for the Skårasalen conference room at Hotell Ivar Åsen in Ørsta. He had found my panorama on the internet, and asked for a high-resolution version of the picture.

I don't take high-resolution pictures suitable for post-production, but the studio applied an artistic Photoshop filter that allowed for my resolution to be used. My price for the picture was extremely fair. Little did I know that they had planned to fly a professional photographer to Skårasalen, but didn't get a landing permit for the helicopter.

But most of all, I find it quite fun that my panorama now decorates this conference room. Especially since I've never ever regarded myself as a photographer. Not even as an amateur photographer. Then there was some local press coverage of the decoration of the hotel rooms, which I discovered a bit later. On Dec 6 2008, I stopped by Hotell Ivar Åsen and asked for permission to take a picture of "my picture". It was fun to see, but foremost I felt like buying a professional camera...


1 of the 2 walls in the Skårasalen room

1 of the 2 walls in the Skårasalen room
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The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 300D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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1. Sunnmørsposten 2. Vikebladet 3. NRK Nyheter

From the hotel

4. Ivar Aasen hotel 5. One of the two walls 6. The other wall 7. One of the two walls 8. The other wall 9. Sample section 10. Sample section

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