Saata, 890m
Brunane, 850m

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Såta (right) seen from Brunane

On highway E16 Bergen - Voss, from Dale or Bulken (near Voss) take the former main highway over Hamlagrø At Berge (ca. 15km from Dale), and a few hundred meters after you arrive lake Bergsvatnet, locate a gravel road that takes off to the left. At the junction, you see a BT mailbox. There are also a number of recreation vehicles (campingvogner in Norwegian) along the gravel road. Exit onto this road, and at the first junction, go right. Follow the narrow road to the upper hut. Find somewhere to park without stealing someone else's parking.

The trail:

At the parking, follow the open space in direction of Bergskardet pass. I jumped off the regular trail after a short while and headed straight northwest to point 850 - Raudnosi, the highest point on Brunane plateau. The terrain is wet, but easy to hike in. From point 850 you see Såta rise in the northwest. A logical thought is to head for the eastern end of the mountain, but you can approach it head on. At the foothills, it doesn't look so steep anymore, and you hike straight up. When you think you're on top, you're not. The summit is another 5 minutes away. At the summit I encountered a horrible hailstorm heading south, so I decided to descend between Såta and Brattefondskardet. No troubles there. No steep sections. And I arrived at Li, with a 4Km hike on the highway, in pouring rain.
Saata Map

This was a quick hike. In rotten snow (may), it took me 3 hours (fast walking) all together. The 4Km on the highway took 45mins. Great view towards the southern Bergsdalen mountains.

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Brunane seen from Li. From here, another 4Km to the trailhead (100KB) Lake Bergsvatnet and southern Bergsdalen mountains seen from Brunane (261KB) Kjerringfjellet seen from Brunane (171KB) Bergshorgi, Peak 938 and Graafjellet seen from Brunane (220KB) Resdalseggi ridge and Kvitafjellet in the northeast (183KB) Saata summit view 14:05 (51KB) Saata summit view 14:10. Dustingen in the background (73KB)

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Li (and Saata in the background) seen while walking up to Hogabu (349KB)

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