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Kolbeinsvarden, 231m

Fylke/Kommune : Hordaland/Askøy
Map : 1115-I Bergen (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary Factor: 231m
Hiked : Apr 2000, Dec 2001
See also : Storåsen
Askoy mountains seen from Ulriken. Kolbeinsvarden far right

Askøy mountains seen from Ulriken
Kolbeinsvarden far right


Kolbeinsvarden is the highest point in Askøy kommune, located just outside Bergen. Although not a mountain of spectacular height, Kolbeinsvarden offers great views, especially towards the Bergen mountains. A must for photographers.

Kolbeinsvarden was formerly one of the 7 mountains in the annual "7-fjellsturen" hike in Bergen, but was taken off the list of mountains, as it became a problem to get all the hikers to and from Askøy.

Primary factor:

Kolbeinsvarden (M711: 231m, Ø.K.: 231,10m) has a primary factor of 231m, being the highest point on the island.

Trail descriptions:

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The trails described below are not necessarily the *easiest* trails to this mountain.

Steinrusten - Kolbeinsvarden trail

Difficulty : Class 1
Exposure : No
Comments : Popular trail
Distance :
Time : Approx. 30-60 minutes to the top
Starting Elev.:
Vertical Gain :

Detailed map
Detailed map
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From Bergen, follow highway RV555 towards Sotra/Askøy. Just after the Haakonsvern exit, turn right towards Askøy. Take the bridge over to the island of Askøy. There is a toll booth where you will have to pay (NOK 70,- for passenger car per Feb 2005) on your return. Take highway RV563 to the right (Kleppestø), just after the Askøy bridge. At Kleppestø follow sign towards Ask.

Just after S. Erdal, exit left towards Steinrusta (8,2Km after the toll gate before the bridge). This road crosses Askøy east to west. From the first hilltop, the road descends some, and when the road again levels out, look for the entry to a industrial (Vannverk) plant to your right. You can park on either side of the road.

The route:

This marked trail begins by the parking (left-hand side of the road) and maintains a south-east direction through the forest before it ascends eastbound towards the summit.

At first, the trail runs up through the forest. Higher up, you hike over a couple of plateaus. A few places you might have to use handhold to advance on the trail. These places may in addtion be icy in winter.

According to "Turløyper i Bergensområdet", a southern approach starts at Bergheim stadion, follows the road towards Erdal (300m). The trail runs towards the north just east of the Skogadal road, and continues to Storevarden (211m). From Storevarden, the trails runs north in awkward and (most likely) wet terrain. The trail turns towards west between two ponds after approx. 1 Km, and continues north towards Kolbeinsvarden.

In addition, the book illustrates more ways to get to Kolbeinsvarden.


The trails are likely to be extremely wet after rain, but the great views from the top make up for any discomfort.

The trail might not be easy to follow in winter, but due to the heavy traffic, chances are that someone already have broken the trail.

Trip Report Dec 25 2001:

My good friend Arne Narud was visiting his sister on Askøy this christmas. This was an excellent opportunity to get a hiking pal the first day after christmas. But to my disappointment, Arne was maintaining a cold, so the ambitions were in for a dramatical adjustment.

I suggested Kolbeinsvarden, close to him. And I lacked pictures from this mountain/hill. He agreed. It sounded quite doable. The hike up to Kolbeinsvarden was easy. Takes only half-an-hour or less in steady rhythm on a summer trail. We were able to stretch the hike and the stay at the top to an hour. We got some good views. Within minutes, the "must-go-here-everyday" people popped up everywhere. Mostly joggers. Troll managed to get into a fight with another dog. That's about the most exiting thing that happened on the way up.

On the way down, we talked merrily about the conquered summit and ended up on another trail. I was significantly embarassed over loosing my way on this little hill. And I blamed Troll for not doing his job. He was like always, when I bring someone, busy keeping the party together, working from the middle of the group.

After some cross-country wandering in deeper snow, we were back on the regular trail, cheering over our survival skills. Arne had his roses on the cheek, the feeling of doing something large on first day of christmas, and I had my pictures.

Pictures from the Dec 25 2001 hike:

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1. Park here (200KB) 2. Start hiking from here (186KB) 3. Troll is not impressed with Arne's climbing skills (217KB) 4. The summit plateau is in sight (232KB) 5. Arne Narud celebrating Kolbeinsvarden summit (142KB) 6. View towards Sotra and Store Liataarnet (199KB) 7. Eldsfjellet in Meland kommune (201KB) 8. Aasane mountains seen from Kolbeinsvarden (345KB) 9. Western Bergen city mountains seen from Kolbeinsvarden (182KB) 10. Eastern Bergen city mountains seen from Kolbeinsvarden (176KB) 11. Troll - the pathfinder (211KB) 12. Troll does not agree with the chosen trail (205KB) 13. Arne was quite happy with the job done (219KB)

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