Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Kiberget & Breifjellet, Apr 21 2008

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Nice view from Kiberget

Nice view from Kiberget
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The walk to Kiberget ..

and Breifjellet was quite an uneventful walk. But that can be ok sometimes. The view towards the Ørsta peaks is actually an event in its own right. I had some problems finding the trail head and asked around. A woman took pity on me, and insisted that she would drive ahead and show me the way. At the parking lot, she wanted us to walk up a gravel road in order to show me the path. Thankful as I was, I feared she might insist to guide me up the mountain too...


16:25PM, I headed out from the trail head below Lågskjervene. It was a beautiful day, but the path was long, muddy and a bit boring. My dog Troll and I discussed the possibility for him to walk a bit, but the conclusion was that he would ride in the backpack. At least until we found a dry and gentle ridge. Half an hour later, we arrived on the ridge. It was gentle, but only a short section dry. Anyway, Troll insisted to battle with rotten snow. He's a brave soul..

We reached the high point 17:13PM. The air was crystal clear and the Ørsta peaks were as pretty as they get. Another hiker arrived on the top and we chatted a while before I moved on.

Breifjellet ..

was a really boring experience. I couldn't determine whether the meadow in-between was bog or a lake with floating turfs on top. Once on the ridge to Breifjellet, there was no path. Just soft turfs. I continued hastily across the top (18:03PM) and descended in the direction of the Lågskjervene viewpoint, where I picked up a path. Further down, I took a wrong turn in a trail fork and was on my way to some place west of trail head. That would have been fine, had I not determined that I wanted to be on the 19:00PM ferry. After a quick short-cut across another annoying meadow, I was back at the trail head 18:31PM - in good shape for the ferry.


The pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 300D + Canon EF-S 17-85mm IS USM F 4-5.6

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To Kiberget

0. Trip tracks 1. The trail head 2. The path begins here 3. Kiberget ahead 4. Troll is on the ridge 5. The high point is near 6. The coxcomb seen from the high point 7. Troll on Kiberget

Wide-angle view from Kiberget

8. Wide-angle view from Kiberget

Medium-zoom views from Kiberget

9. Medium-zoom view from Kiberget 10. Medium-zoom view from Kiberget

300mm zoom views from Kiberget, 2 parts

11. 300mm zoom view from Kiberget, part 1 of 2 12. 300mm zoom view from Kiberget, part 2 of 2

Across Breifjellet + descent

13. Leaving Kiberget 14. Breifjellet seen from Kiberget 15. Vassdalstinden 16. The Ulsteinvik industry area 17. Kiberget seen from Breifjellet 18. Liadalsnipa 19. Ytre-søre-view from Breifjellet 20. Vanylven and Herøy tops 21. Lågskjervene viewpoint 22. Ulsteinvik

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