Norwegian Mountains, Nord-Trøndelag
Jøa island

Moldvikfjellet, 297m
Einarskardfjellet, 280m
Dunafjellet, 265m
Ramnfjellet, 243m (Skreddarfallklumpen)
Durmåfjellet, 221m (Steinsfjellet)
Pallan, 145m
Holvikstorhaugen, 126m

County/Municipality: Nordland/Fosnes
Maps: 1724-III Jøa  (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary factor: Moldvikfjellet: 297m
Einarskardfjellet: 72m
Dunafjellet: 182m
Ramnfjellet: 65m
Durmålfjellet: 148m
Pallan, 122m
Holvikstorhaugen: 92m
Hiked: July 2012
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Jøa (55,3km²) is an island on the south side of Folda fjord. You have access to the island via the Ølhammaren - Seierstad ferry and the Leka - Gutvik - Abelvær - Jøa - Namsos-Rørvik - express boat. 

Popular tourist attractions are; Fosnes Bygdemuseum, Olav Duuns (famour Norwegian author) barndomsheim at Dun, Torvmuseet (Skjærvikkorsen), Jernaldergården (Tranås) - to name a few. In addition, the fantastic Tomtvollen recreational area deserves a visit.



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The highest peak on the island is Moldvikfjellet (297m) and the highest mountains are found on the north side of the island. You can reach most of the island tops on good paths, and some of them are described on this page.

The below table ranks Jøa tops with a primary factor >= 100 meters (). In other words - mountains that have at least 5 x 20m contours that fully encircle the given mountain top;


Rank   Mountain Hgt PF Location
1. Moldvikfjellet 297m 297m 32 W 611069 7172883
- Einarskardfjellet 280m 72m 32 W 610578 7173059
- Gyltfjellet 275m 87m 32 W 611901 7173966
2. Dunafjellet 265m 182m 32 W 608004 7172986
3. Skåkkjerringfjellet 258m 220m 32 W 607166 7174283
4. Vardfjellet 254m 156m 32 W 610728 7171295
- Ramnfjellet (Skreddarfallklumpen) 243m 65m 32 W 606798 7173260
5. Durmålfjellet (Steinsfjellet) 221m 148m 32 W 608489 7171920
6. Faksdalfjellet (Liafjellet) 187m 149m 32 W 606416 7171012
7. Vesterfjellet 167m 104m 32 W 607514 7171931
8. Pallan 145m 122m 32 W 609388 7167407
- Holvikstorhaugen 126m 92m 32 W 610733 7166108



On Dunafjellet

On Dunafjellet
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Trail descriptions

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Moldvikfjellet and Moldvikvatna

Moldvikfjellet and Moldvikvatna
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The starting point for all routes is the ferry harbor at Seierstad.

The routes:


Moldvikfjellet &
  • From the ferry, drive 0,2km to a junction
  • Junction (N64.63774 E11.34206): Turn right (north)
  • Drive 1,8km to the north
  • Junction (N64.65201 E11.34429): Turn left (west)
  • Drive 1,9km west until you see "Moldvikfjellet" signpost. Park alongside the road (N64.65618 E11.30881).
Moldvikfjellet: Follow a marked tractor road which turns into a forest path. The path runs up to a pass and descends to Moldvikvatna lakes. Make sure you get on the path that continues up the ridge and up to the high point, marked by a medium-sized cairn

Einarskardfjellet: From the pass, continue down to Moldvikvatna and hike off-trail the 0,25km up to the summit (N64.66426 E11.31628) - marked by a few rocks.

Tomtvollen: From the Moldvikfjellet trailhead, drive 0,2km, turn left, drive 0,4m and turn left again (N64.65765 E11.29853). Drive 0,3km and find parking. Walk 0,3km along a path to the recreational area (N64.65298 E11.30122, see picture above)


The route to Moldvikfjellet

The route to Moldvikfjellet
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Ramnfjellet &
  • From the ferry, drive 0,2km to a junction
  • Junction (N64.63774 E11.34206): Turn right (north)
  • Drive 1,8km to the north
  • Junction (N64.65201 E11.34429): Turn left (west)
  • Drive 2,1km west
  • Junction (N64.65789 E11.30733). Turn left (west)
  • Drive 1,1km west until you see the Fjellveien signpost. Park here (N64.65796 E11.28474)
Dunafjellet: Follow a marked path 0,3km north/northeast until you reach the ridge. Turn northwest and follow the path 1,4km to the Dunafjellet cairn (N64.66317 E11.26535). The high point (N64.66444 E11.26237) is found 0,2km to the northwest.

Ramnfjellet: From Dunafjellet, continue 1,5km to Ramnfjellet high point (N64.66729 E11.23732). Either return the way you came or continue 1,5km along the marked path and down to the road by Brakstadvågen. The descent is steep and exciting! If you have not organized transport for your return, you'll be facing a 4,4km walk back to the trailhead. Consider building strengths at the Nordsjøen pub northwest of Brakstad...

Durmålfjellet: The Durmålfjellet trailhead is 0,45km west of the Dunafjellet trailhead. Follow a tractor road 0,25km up to a water tank. A marked forest path begins here. Follow this path 0,5km up to the summit (N64.65473 E11.27171) - marked by a pile or rocks.


The route to Dunafjellet

The route to Dunafjellet
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