Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Holstadhornet from Hareid, Jan 3 2007

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My colleague Terje Bergset told me, the day before this hike, that the weather forecast for the following day, was positive. We therefore agreed to go on a evening hike on Hareidlandet, and since Holstadhornet was on my to-do list, we agreed to go there.

The morning started out a bit busy. In the morning, I signed off the bank papers for my new car. Yes, you read correct. The old, pink Corsa is gone. At 288,000Km, I decided to retire the old, faithful fellow. A pity in one way, as I had a plan to take her to 300K, but not for a service cost at NOK 20,000. It is expensive enough to have an old dog, going to the Vet once a month for repair.

Arriving Ulsteinvik later in the morning, I seemed to be bankrupt. The bank terminal at the local gas station refused my card. A quick log-on to the bank's on-line services told me I was 25,000 below zero. A suspicion came along, I phoned the bank and asked them politely to withdraw cash from the correct account.

With the financial situation restored, it was time to show my new car to my colleagues. Terje, an eager beaver when it comes to cars, tested the car in the lunch-break. More curious than a cat, he insisted on testing the convertible roof. And then we "cruised" through Ulsteinvik with the roof down, at 1,5 deg. C, 50% embarassed and 50% happy.

After work, it was time for the hike. We drove to Hovlid and headed out 15:36PM. It wasn't fully dark yet, and by the time it turned dark, we had entered snow. Thus, there was no need for a headlamp until we reached the top. The good weather that Terje "promised" had turned into rain. The path was wet and boggy, and later hidden under the snow. Since it paid off to follow the path (the snow was less deep), Terje ceased the opportunity to get to learn his new GPS. Steadily, he took us, on path, up to the top of Holstadhornet, which we reached 16:40PM.

The top was a unfriendly place with a strong, cold wind and snowfall. We only stayed for a few pictures. My dog "Troll" had enjoyed life in the backpack so far, and he would walk down as long the snow allowed him to. Arriving the wet part of the path, he would slows us down. Dachshunds will always look around for the most convenient route, which can be time-consuming on a soaking wet path.

After awhile, Terje commited one of the biggest mountain-sins; he started to wonder if we would reach the 17:30PM ferry. The time was 17:00PM, and we were high on the mountain. As it had taken us 1 hour to the top, it was likely that we would only take us 30 minutes down. Or less. We would miss the ferry by minutes, unless we hurried up.

So we hurried up. The path was, in addition to wet and boggy, very slippery. A fast pace on this slippery and rocky path was .. not exactly safe. Especially when it's dark. But the descent went good. We missed a junction but ended up only 100m east of the trailhead. 17:20PM, we were on the way to Hareid, and had an "ocean" of time before the 17:30PM ferry.

Pictures from the Jan 3 2007 hike

1. This barn marks the start of the forest path (256KB) 2. On the forest path (256KB) 3. Terje checking his GPS (121KB) 4. On Holstadhornet (147KB) 5. View towards Hareid (141KB) 6. Terje and Troll on Holstadhornet (116KB)

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