Hjellafjellet, 933m

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Hjellafjellet seen from Kvitingen

Primary factor:

Hjellafjellet (M711: 932m, Ø.K: 933,5 ~ 933m) has a primary factor of 130m towards the higher Trollskardtinden (1074m). The saddle is found N of lake n. Dukavatn. Ref. Økonomisk Kartverk (5m contours), you cross the 805m contours on the high route, but not 800m. The saddle height has been interpolated to 803m.

On highway 7 between Bergen and Norheimsund, exit towards Kvitingen just before the road begins ascending to Kvamskogen (coming from Bergen). Drive approx. 16 Km until the road ends. Parking is available at NOK 30,-.

The trail:

There is no trail. And I have problems describing how I got up, and I was too focused on - how to get up.

Anyway, at the first house on my right, 100m from the parking, I climbed up the left ridge - Bergsnipa. From Bergsnipa you have clear view into valley, where Lurafjellet (833m) is on your right and Trollskardtinden (1074m) is further northeast.

Far away, on the left-hand side of the valley you see some odd shaped rock formations. The hat shaped rock is the Hjellafjellet summit. You will basically be heading that direction. But first, I ascended up to about 600m by climbing steep grass slopes. When I finished climbing I entered a corridor of wetland that lead me all the way to Holegjelet pass.

Hjellafjellet Map

I found this a strenuous hike, due to all the steep sides. It took me 1,5 hours to the top with a *heavy* backpack. (The dog of course. Too steep for him). Nice view of Bukkene (Bergsbukken, Småbrekkebukken) in Bergsdalen. Also nice view of Fuglafjellet and Iendafjellet in Kvamskogen.

Warning: Make sure you mark or remember where you climbed up. This mountain has few possibilities of getting down. I forgot to memorize points while climbing up, so I had to walk down using the GPS. Well, the dog was helpful.

Lots of water supplies. I was fooled by the highest point, and climbed the northernmost point, only to discover it was not the highest point. But it was a nice angle for a picture.

There is a gravel road down in the valley to your right. I am curious if one can come down that way, over the nedra Dukavatnet dam. It looked steep.

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Trollskardtind seen while climbing Hjellafjellet (134KB) Lake Kvitingsvatnet seen from Hjellafjellet (92KB) Hjellafjellet, Trollskardtind and Lurafjellet seen at the start of the hike (324KB) Hjellafjellet seen on the way up (229KB) View towards lake Kvitingsvatnet seen from Hjellafjellet (266KB) Bergsdalen mountains seen from Hjellafjellet (337KB) Fuglafjellet and Iendafjellet seen from Hjellafjellet (281KB) Graafjellet seen before arriving lake Kvitingsvatnet (259KB)

On the way up to Lurafjellet, Hjellafjellet rises on your left (222KB)

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