Norwegian Mountains, Møre og Romsdal

Helsetnakken from Skjegstad, Feb 11 2007

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The day after the trip to Snøhornet, was truly the day after. After having worked with the Snøhornet pictures until 02:00AM, the dog woke me up this gorgeous Sunday morning, by licking my face. It was 10:00AM.

The blister I had been maintaining the last couple of weeks ruled out any ski-trip. Instead, I chose to visit Helsetnakken on snowshoes. Different shoes, and no impact on the blister. I skipped breakfast and left for Tresfjorden once the dog had conducted morning business.

For various reasons, I didn't want to follow the "trade route" from Vikebukt. Instead, I found a tractor road that ran up to Olasætra. From there on, the struggle in the snow would be manageable. I stopped by the nearest farm and had a long chat with the owner. He told me that side-roads would join in on this tractor road, and that there would be tracks (foot) up to Skjeggestadsætra. I had to pass a few horses, but they were quite friendly. And very interested in my four-legged buddy Troll, for the moment stored in my backpack.

We left the trailhead 12:15PM, and the tractor road felt LONG, although in distance, it wasn't. A skier caught up with me - Oddvar from the neighbour house, and brother to the guy I had been chatting with earlier. We kept each other company up to Olasætra, where we split up. Oddvar was following the route that I outlined on the map, while I planned to do a short-cut up the forest.

The short-cut was a bit strenuous. The snowshoes didn't get a good grip in the powder snow, as the hill got steeper. But eventually, I topped out above the tree-line, and could enjoy the fine Tresfjorden views. The snow wasn't so deep anymore, so the dog could walk. He ran up the mountain, very happy to be on the ground.

We reached the top 14:15PM, and Oddvar came 5 minutes later. During the 30-minute stay at the top, several skiers came and went. Hard and frozen tracks from a snow-mo-vehicle-or-something came up the north ridge. If the idea was to prepare a track for the skiers, then I didn't see the point. The conditions were perfect. Firm snow, with 20cm powder on top. Excellent for downhill skiing.

I left 5 minutes after Oddvar. Troll was determined to walk, and rocketed down the slope in a pace that I found remarkable. Eventually, he bypassed my snowshowes tracks, and got stuck in the powder. I put him back on track, and he was literally sailing down the forest. It was a good walk. Troll kept me laughing all the way down the forest. Oddvar arrived Olasætra at the same time as we did. Troll also managed to descend the entire tractor road, and by 15:50PM, this nice hike was over.


To Helsetnakken

1. Trolltinden on Ørskogfjellet (182KB) 2. Helsetnakken (213KB) 3. On the way from Skjegstad (290KB) 4. Skjegstad horses (350KB) 5. On the forest road (371KB) 6. Oddvar Skjegstad (348KB) 7. Olasætra (196KB) 8. Troll at large (125KB) 9. Helsetnakken summit (205KB)

Pictures from Helsetnakken

10. Svartevasstinden (178KB) 11. Molde (464KB) 12. Troll on Helsetnakken (231KB)

Wide-angle panorama

13. Wide-angle panorama from Helsetnakken (1100KB)

50mm panoramas

14. 50mm panorama from Helsetnakken (722KB) 15. 50mm panorama from Helsetnakken (1093KB)

Zoom panoramas

16. Zoom panorama from Helsetnakken (1187KB) 17. Zoom panorama from Helsetnakken (741KB) 18. Zoom panorama from Helsetnakken (1370KB) 19. Zoom panorama from Helsetnakken, part 1/2 (2158KB) 20. Zoom panorama from Helsetnakken, part 2/2 (874KB)


21. Troll leading on (257KB) 22. A forest moment (289KB) 23. Oddvar and Troll (193KB) 24. Helsetnakken (266KB) 25. Bullfinch / Dompap (129KB)

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