Eldrevassbergi, 1501m

Mountain area: Hemsedalsfjellet, Sogn og Fjordane Fylke, Lærdal Kommune

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Eldrevassbergi seen from the trailhead

On Hemsedalsfjellet, highway 52 Gol - Hemsedal - E16, locate lake Eldrevatnet. The lake is not too far from where highway 52 begins to descend down to highway E16. Eldrevassbergi and its ridge is easy to spot. Find parking on one of the turnouts.

The trail:

In late may, no trails were visible. I headed for the nearest ridge, and it was rather steep. Rotten snow over the wetlands, and icy from the foothills and up. The trip up does not take more than one hour. There is a sign-in log at the summit cairn.
Eldrevassbergi Map

You could continue all the way to the tip of the plateau. This includes high points Kjølen and Stongnuten. If you continue some more you'll also get Bjøbergnuten. Beautiful view towards Lærdal mountains and towards the eastern Hemedalsfjellet mountains.

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Stongnuten on the southern end of the massif seen from Morkedalen (117KB) Eldrevassbergi seen from highway 52 on the way down to Morkedalen (226KB) View from Eldrevassbergi summit to eastern Hemsedalsfjellet mountains (351KB) View from Eldrevassbergi summit towards the north and Laerdal valley (483KB)

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Lake Eldrevatnet and Eldrevassbergi seen on the way down Breistolfjellet (104KB)

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