Djupedalseggene (Velandseggene), 446m
Strandafjellet, 366m

Mountain area : Lindås
Fylke/Kommune : Hordaland/Lindås
Map : 1116-II Sæbø (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary Factor: Djupedalseggene: >400m (est.) Austlendingen
Primary Factor: Strandafjellet: >26m (est.) Djupedalseggene
Hiked : Feb 2002
See also : Austlendingen
See also : Bjørgafjell
Djupedalseggene seen from Strandafjellet

Djupedalseggene seen from Strandafjellet


Djupedalseggene, also locally known as Velandseggene is quite hidden away in the shadow of the mighty Austlendingen. However, this is the mountain to be on in order to get a good overview of the Austlendingen massif. In addition, the mountain provides excellent views towards Lindås, Gullfjellet, Ulriken and Osterøy mountains.

One can drive up to approx. 250m and be on the summit within 30 minutes, which makes this mountain available for most people. Djupedalseggene consists of two high points (446m and 426m) and a long plateau (approx. 3,4Km) over to Strandafjellet (366m) with its mind-boggling steep eastern face.

Trail descriptions:

Veland - Djupedalseggene - Strandafjellet (winter)

Difficulty : None
Risk : None
Distance : 9,1Km from Øvre Veland
Time : 2,5-4 hours round-trip from Øvre Veland
Starting Elev.: Approx. 250m
Map of Djupedalseggene

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Area map

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From Bergen, head north on E39. Pass the toll booth at the Nordhordalandsbroa (bridge) and continue 21,2Km and exit towards Nesbø. You have to exit to the right and drive under the highway in order to get on the Nesbø road.

Continue 7,9Km alongside the Austfjorden and exit to the right towards Øvre Veland (signed exit). Either find parking now or continue 1,6-1.7Km steep up towards Øvre Veland (this could be tricky with ice or snow). There are no obvious parking areas up there, so ask around for a place to park your car.

The trail:

The trail begins next to the uppermost house. Pass the house on the right hand side and walk between the barn and a white building. Turn right and head towards a gate (don't follow the trail to the left). Go through the gate, and after a minute you will see a winter house for sheep. Beyond the house, you will see a gate that you need to go through.

From the gate, the trail is easy to follow (unless in deep snow) and you see the triangular point on the summit, unless you have fog. The trail will head to the right of the summit, into a small pass, before the direction is set for the summit.

From the summit (446m), it is a 5-10 minute walk to summit #2 (426m) and from the second summit, you have view towards Strandafjellet - a 3,4Km (1-1,5 hour) walk on a very narrow trail - if you can find it. The trail stays on the left-hand side of the plateau. If you lose it, just imagine how you would make it. View towards the fjord, and high on the ridge.

As you close in on Strandafjellet, there might be several trails to the top (I couldn't find any trails here). Be careful on the left-hand side, as it is mighty steep below the summit.

Walk back the way you came, or scout for a trail that is supposed to lead back down to Askeland (which you passed on your way to Veland).

Trip Report Feb 13 2002:

The forecast promised sunshine. As I was starved for sunshine, I decided to take half the next day off. I chose Djupedalseggene, as I had an evening job close by. Hike in daylight, work at night. That works well from time to time.

It wasn't hard to find Øvre Veland, and as I was in some kind of hurry, I chose to drive all the way up. The plan was to compensate this with a long hike. I knocked on the door on the uppermost house, and a nice lady gave me permission to park on the premises.

I was amazed to find sheep all over the place. The lady called them "wild sheep" as it was seldom they would come down to the farm, even in the roughest winter. They had a shelter a bit further up, and seemed to be content. And the wild sheep were running wild when Troll and I came walking up the mountain.

The summit was reached in 20 minutes, and I enjoyed taking pictures of Austlendingen, before I headed for Strandafjellet. I soon missed the [narrow] trail and Troll called for a time-out, as he was tired of the bush-wacking. Back on the trail, It was a nice walk over to Strandafjellet, and I was amazed by the incredibly steep east side of the mountain - which was only 366m high. I got dizzy just by looking down.

After some more bush-wacking down from the summit, I picked up the trail and walked back to Djupedalseggene and down to the car. The whole trip measured 9,1Km and took 2,5 hours. Back to work...


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