Bitihorn, 1607m

Mountain area: Valdres/Jotunheimen

Fylke/Kommune: Oppland/Vang


Primary Factor:

Hiked: Aug 2001

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Bitihorn seen from the trailhead

Highway 51 - Bitihorn trail

Difficulty: Easy Click on thumbnail to see map
Risk: Low.
Time: 1 - 3 hours round-trip
Starting Elevation: Approx. 1070m


Bitihorn is a well known landmark when going to Jotunheimen from the southeast. Not because of its height, but beacuse of its majestic appearance when coming from Beitostølen.


From highway 51 (Fagernes - Vågåvatnet), pass Beitostølen, continue beyond the winter gate just before Båtskardet. Now you have Bitihorn rising high on your left. Continue to the north end of the mountain. Locate a parking area on the left-hand side of the road and park there.

The trail:

There is a sign towards Bitihorn from the parking. The trail is "T" marked all the way to the top. The trail takes you around the mountain and up in southeast direction. Very early, below 1100m, you get to a trail junction. Go left. Next landmark is a gate which you go through. From here, it's a southeast approach all the way to the top.


On a clear day, the view from this mountain is fantastic. The southeast part of the Jotunheimen range begins just on the other side of lake Bygdin, nearby Bitihorn.

I didn't quite have time to enjoy this hike to the fullest. I was waiting for some friends arriving from Oslo. As they were 1 hour behind me, I decided there was time to hike Bitihorn. Just to be on the safe side, I walked very fast, even easy running at the foothills. I reached the top in 40 minutes. As the hour was soon up, I had to run down the mountain, and met my friend, newly arrived, 20 minutes later. The sky was cloudy, so I'm saving the *real* trip for a later time.

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Bitihorn seen from Baatskardet, with the evening sun in my face (146KB) Bitihorn summit (165KB) East side of lake Bygdin and Jotunheimen mountains (151KB) Panorama over lake Vinstrevatnet (208KB) North view, Synshorn in the foreground (162KB) Southeast view, hat-shaped Rundemellen in the background (180KB)

On my way to Bitihorn, I passed a beautiful area around lake Vangsmjøsi:

Bergsfjellet (158KB) Skutshorn and Vennisfjellet (226KB)

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Bitihorn Bitihorn Zoom view from Fisketjernnuten Bitihorn