Bergshorgi, 982m
Gråfjellet, 930m

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Bergshorgi (left), seen from Borninolten

On highway E16 Bergen - Voss, from Dale or Bulken (near Voss) take the former main highway over Hamlagrø At Berge (ca. 15km from Dale), and a few hundred meters after you arrive lake Bergsvatnet, locate a turnout on the left-hand side of the road (again, this if you come from Dale). Next to the turnout is a old red garage, and a road that leads to some houses. 50m further is a blue house. Park at the turnout and make sure you don't block traffic.

The trail:

You start hiking straight from the turnout. When you get on top of the first ridge, you see the blue house. Follow the trail that runs along the fence. Getting up to Gråfjellet is easy, although you might lose track of the trail. Just hike straight up. On top, follow the ridge to the first high point on Gråfjellet. From here, you see the highest point very nearby. It looks steep, but is easy to climb on the left-hand side. From the highest point, which I calculated to 930m (high point is not given on map), you see peak 938 (hat shape) in the north and Bergshorgi (982m) behind and to the right. Stop by peak 938 on the way to Bergshorgi. It has some really steep sides to the west! From the 938 foothills, follow an obvious trail up to the Bergshorgi high point which lies just behind the highest point you see from there.
Bergshorgi Map

A quick hike. I forgot to look at the watch, but the trip all together must have been ca. 2,5 hours. My focus was on the weather which changed from rain to sun, then to fog and light snow in strong wind. From Gråfjellet summit, I had to walk by GPS on the way down. Could barely see 10 meters ahead.

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Lake Bergsvatnet seen from Graafjellet. (99KB) Borninolten, 955m, on the south side of the highway (124KB) Highest point on Graafjellet (59KB) Graafjellet from the north side, on the way down from Bergshorgi (122KB) Peak 938 and Bergshorgi to the right seen from the south. (61KB) Peak 938 summit. Graafjellet in the background. (101KB) Peak 938 seen from the north, returning from Bergshorgi (67KB) Kjerringfjellet (1066m) seen from Graafjellet (71KB) Bergshorgi, south side (249KB)

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Bergshorgi, Peak 938 and Graafjellet seen from Brunane (separate trip) (220KB)

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