Bergsbukken, 1162m
Liabukken, 1142m
Gråvatnknausen, 1009m
Vetlebukken, 1004m
Borninolten, 955m
Gråfjellet, 1057m
Kvanngrøfjellet, 971m

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Bergsbukken and Liabukken (far right) seen from Bergsdalen North

Common for all these mountains, is that they are all best accessible from the Li - Høgabu trail.


On highway E16 Bergen - Voss, from Dale or Bulken (near Voss) take the former main county road over Hamlagrø. At Li, locate the bridge that crosses the Bergsdalselva river. There is a "private parking" sign where it is natural to park the car, and you will have to make a sound decision on where to park. There is room for a couple of cars by the bridge, and you can find some turnouts nearby.

Common to all trails:

Continue over the bridge, and straight ahead towards the forest. The trail is "T" marked all the way to Høgabu. Pass a deserted house, and follow the river for a while. Then the trail crosses the river and ascends steep through the forest. Over the forest, the trail runs on a ridge with a good view of Li. The cairns get larger, and at the top of the ridge you are climbing, you see Kvanngrøfjellet (left) and Gråfjellet (right). The trail descends down to a stream, where a trail junction is marked with a peculiar pole. The trail to Storaskardet pass runs to the left, while Høgabu trail runs to the right.

The Bergsbukken, Liabukken, Vetlebukken trail:

Continue on the Høgabu trail, pass a few lakes before you reach the hut. Follow the trail on the east side (left) of the lake and continue up to Trollskardet pass on a ridge right of the pass. At Trollskardet, exit the trail, cross the pass and climb Bergsbukken. The pass is at 1090m, so the hike up to Bergsbukken doesn't take too long.

Continue over to Liabukken. Very little drop in elevation here. From Liabukken, head down north to Vetlebukken and continue to the Storaskardet pass.

The Gråvatnknausen trail:

From Høgabu, walk back the T trail to Li 50-100m and locate another T marked trail going off to your left. Follow this trail over a hill, and then move towards the foothills of Gråvatnknausen. When you stand in front of the mountains, locate a stream coming down and scramble up on the right-hand side. Loose rocks form a natural trail upwards. When the first scramble is over, head south until you reach the summit point of 1009m.

The Kvanngrøfjellet trail:

Kvanngrøfjellet is best accessed from Storaskardet. In the pass, locate a narrow trail that runs steep up the south side of the mountain. Go back the same way.

The Gråfjellet trail:

On the trail to Høgabu, you can climb Gråfjellet from the upper lake (closest to Høgabu hut). You can also traverse Gråfjellet and scramble down to Storaskardet pass.

The Borninolten trail:

From Storaskardet pass, walk through the pass and you have a good view of Vetlebukken with the steep north-western face, and Borninolten to its left. Aim for the plateau just below the Vetlebukken face. From here on, move on to the trail running between the two mountains towards lake Skarvavatnet (765). On this trail, next to a large pond between Vetlebukken and Borninolten, locate a opening in the cliff formation on your left and go up there.

From this point, you have Borninolten approach in sight. You arrive two small lakes. Go between them, and scramble the white rocks upwards. There is one way up, and it is not difficult. Once over the rocks, continue north to the summit point at 955m.

Bergsbukken Map

I had big problems getting down Trollskardet in November, due to ice. Total time up to Bergsbukken is 2-3 hours. Walking quickly, I normally reach Høgabu in 1 hour, 10 minutes. So this trail is excellent for day hikes.

Pictures: (move cursor to read notes, and click on the images to see full version)

From Gråvatnknausen hike, July 2000

Li (and Saata in the background) seen while walking up to Hogabu (349KB) Kvanngrofjellet and Graafjellet with Storaskardet pass inbetween (472KB) You pass these twin lakes on your way to Hogabu hut (297KB) Lake Tjornadalsvatnet by the Hogabu hut (263KB) Bergsbukken seen from the trail to Graavatnknausen (316KB) Bergsbukken seen from Graavatnknausen (513KB) Graavatnknausen seen from (close to) Hogabu (270KB) Tveitakvitingen (1299m) seen from Graavatnknausen (424KB) Southern view from Graavatnknausen. Trollskardtinden (1074m) is seen in the background (325KB) Graafjellet, seen from Graavatnknausen. (349KB) Store Dustingen, 999m seen from Graavatnknausen. (308KB) Second time in a week, I meet a frantic grouse (228KB)

From Borninolten hike, July 2000

Steep face of Vetlebukken seen on the way to Borninolten (283KB) Borninolten seen once passed Vetlebukken (459KB) Storliknausen, Smaabrekkebukken and Liabukken seen from Borninolten (542KB) Bergshorgi and Kjerringfjellet in Bergsdalen north, seen from Borninolten (357KB) Lake Hamlagrovatnet and Saata/Kjerringafjellet, seen from Borninolten (440KB) In Storaskardet pass, this hawk or falcon did his best to put his claws around my head (42KB)

Pictures from other hikes:

Bergsbukken seen from Bjornaknausen further south (238KB) Bergsbukken, Liabukken, Smaabrekkebukken and Storliknausen seen from Trollskardtinden (381KB) Borniholten seen from Bergshorgi (124KB) Kvanngrofjellet and Graafjellet seen from the county road, before arriving Li (237KB) Borninolten seen from the Bergsdalen road, Dec 2001 (125KB) Hjortahorgi summit view (682KB) Panorama from Dustingen (348KB) Summit view from Saudalsnovi (453KB) East view from Hananipa (802KB) North view from Hananipa (576KB) Summit view from Kraanipa summit (713KB) Passing Borninolten on the way to Hornaberg (210KB) Kringdalsnipa summit views (zoom) (836KB) Summit views from Bjorndalshesten (716KB) Bergsdalen mountains (386KB) Bergsdalen mountains (267KB) Bergsdalen mountains (369KB) Bergsdalen-Kvamskogen-Fusa mountains (339KB) Storafjellet summit views (622KB) East view from Storfjellet (462KB) Zoom to the east from Storfjellet (404KB) East view from Grønetua (part 2/2) (957KB) Bergsdalen

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