Austrebotnsrusti, 894m (Austebotsfjellet)

Mountain area : Stølsheimen SW
Fylke/Kommune : Hordaland/Lindås
Map : 1216-IV Matre; (Statens Kartverk, Norge 1:50 000)
Primary Factor: >114m Instebotnknolten
Hiked : May 2002
Austrebotnsrusti seen from Dyrkollebotnen

Austrebotnsrusti seen
from Dyrkollebotnen


Austrebotnsrusti lies above the Romarheimdalen valley, alongside highway E39 from Bergen to the Sognefjord. The high point belongs to Lindås kommune, while the northern trig. point (869m) belongs to Masfjorden kommune.

Superb views towards Masfjorden, Matre, Sognefjord, Stølsheimen and Kvamskogen mountains.

Trail descriptions:

I don't know any trails up to this mountain, but an easy (although steep and strenuous) approach is from highway E39, following the kommune border between Masfjorden and Lindås. This is the route described in this document.

Hwy E39 - Austrebotnsrusti, both high points(summer/winter)

Difficulty : Strenuous up to the plateau
Risk : Low
Distance : Approx 6km round-trip
Time : 2-3,5 hours round-trip
Starting Elev.: Approx. 430m
Map of the area

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From Bergen, follow highway E39 north. Pass the toll-booth on the north side of Nordhordlandsbrua bridge (currently NOK 45,- for passenger cars). Drive along side the Osterfjord and through the Eikefet tunnel leading down to Vike by the Romareimfjord before the road ascends into the Romareimsdalen valley.

On the very high point of the road, find appropriate parking alongside the highway. Locate the ridge (see picture below) leading up the mountain, to the left of a stream coming down the mountain.

The trail:

No apparent visible trail up the mountain. Find a route that takes you outside the largest bushes and rocks. Stay close to the stream (could be hard to spot in dry season) on the left-hand side.

When you reach approx. 750m, turn right up a hill (near the steep south-west face) to get onto the plateau. From the plateau, maintain a south-east direction to the nearest high point. From this point, you have the summit further south in clear view.

Determine the approach from here. Further to your left, a ridge can be followed in order to avoid too much ups and downs. From the summit, head straight north towards the northern trig. point before you head towards the pass you came up.

In winter/spring, bring your skis. You can go all the way into Stølsheimen from Austrebotnsrusti.

Pictures from the May 4 2002 hike:

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The ridge from the highway up the mountain (268KB) Up towards the mountain (312KB) Blaafjellet on the other side of Romareimsdalen valley (269KB) Saetrelifjellet (226KB) Climbing the upper part in snow (119KB) The summit seen once on the plateau (170KB) North view from the summit (320KB) North-west view from the summit (158KB) South view from the summit (301KB) West view from the summit (331KB) Instebotnen valley seen from the summit (181KB) North view from the summit (163KB) Sognefjord mountains seen from the summit (203KB) Kvamskogen mountains seen from the summit (206KB) The northern trig point (149KB) The summit seen from the northern point (184KB) Aadneburen seen from Austrebotnsrusti (109KB) Blaafjellet (181KB) High mountains in Stoelsheimen (237KB)

Pictures from other hikes:

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