Vestfold county consists of 14 municipalities. This page lists the high point in each municipality.

The below list contains easy tops which can be quite fun to visit. Many of the tops will be much more accessible if you bring a bike. See the table below for description of the routes.

See this trip report for pictures and notes from a visit to 11 of the 14 tops, spread across 2,5 days.

On Skibergfjellet

On Skibergfjellet
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  Municipality Mountain Height Primary
Location Notes Visited
Hof Skibergfjellet 632m 469m 32 V 554749 6605242 County high point
Lardal Pikstein 625m 7m 32 V 543726 6589095 See note 1
Sande Presterseteråsen 570m   32 V 559850 6611675    
Larvik Vettakollen/
456m 263m 32 V 550299 6569242  
Holmestrand Hvittingen 404m 206m 32 V 567634 6601484  
Re Snippane 400m 72m 32 V 560303 6587884  
Andebu Brånafjell 399m 76m 32 V 561283 6582742  
Svelvik Seteråsen 396m   32 V 576227 6610582    
Stokke Høgståsen 172m   32 V 569144 6577060    
Horten Kjæranåsen 158m 60m 32 V 576490 6586262 See note 2
Sandefjord Hjertås 148m 68m 32 V 570126 6558926  
Tønsberg Signalen
145m 72m 32 V 577219 6579347  
Nøtterøy Vetan 101m 101m 32 V 581634 6560566 See note 3
Tjøme Herkelås 80m 80m 32 V 580185 6557543 See note 4
Also consider:
Lardal Vindfjell 622m   32 V 542986 6576463 See note 1  
Tjøme Holtekjæråsen S. 79m 51m 32 V 580139 6555877 See note 4

  1. May 2012; according to new 1m resolution maps (not available to the public), the 625m contour on Pikstein is no longer touching the municipality border. This means that point 621m (621,04m/621,18m) is the official Lardal point, and this makes Vindfjell (622m) Lardal's highest point. But until the official maps are updated, this site refers to Pikstein as the official high point.
  2. Map point is 70m northwest of the official marker. But the forest is so thick that it will be very difficult to find the high point. Settle for the official marker with a good conscience.
  3. Summit is fenced in. Access denied. Settle for the fence.
  4. This site has nominated Herkelås as the Tjøme high point, aligning with Vestfoldkartboka (Cappelen). This means that Holtekjæråsen (south top) is the high point only if you consider the Norgesglasset maps.


Hvittingen, Holmestrand

Skibergfjellet, Hof

Vetan, Nøtterøy

Herkelås, Tjøme

Hjertås, Sandefjord

Vettakollen, Larvik

Kjerranåsen, Horten

Pikstein, Larvik

Snippane, Re

Brånafjell, Andebu

Signalen, Tønsberg

Route descriptions are valid per May 2012:

(please note that forest roads open when the roads are in appropriate condition for car traffic. The later in the season, the greater the chance is that the road is open for traffic.

  • Skibergfjellet [Hof]; locate the Skibergfjellet junction (32 V 559860 6604396, signposted) along FV35 (Langebru- Tønsberg) near Brekke/Stubben. Follow this road into Brekkedalen and turn left after 1,1km and pay toll (32 V 558827 6604957, NOK 50,- per May 2012). Continue 7,6km to the Skibergfjellet parking (32 V 555067 6603714). Follow the path (less visible in boggy areas) 2,5km to Skibergfjellet high point (32 V 554749 6605242) and antenna.
  • Pikstein [Lardal]; From Svarstad, follow FV860 to Passebekk/Skrim/Omholtfjellet. At Bergandammen (32 V 548207 6591500) turn left towards Presteseter (signposted). After 0,5km, pay toll (32 V 547789 6591300, NOK 50,- per May 2012). Continue 1,6km up to a main junction (32 V 547229 6590593). Turn right and continue 3,3km up to Presteseter (32 V 544975 6588611, DNT cabin). Turn right and follow another road for 1,6km. Look for red ribbons in the forest. The ribbons mark the vague path that takes you up the north side of Pikstein. Point 625m (32 V 543586 6589186) is marked by a couple of rocks. Point 621m (the border point and cairn - 32 V 543756 6589013) is located 0,25km to the southwest (follow the ribbons). Note that there is a point 627m (inside Kongsberg) 0,4km to the southwest of point 625m.
  • Vettakollen [Larvik]; locate the place Bergan along FV40 (Larvik - Geilo). Then locate the forest road (N59.28729 E9.89641) that passes Skobba. Follow this road for 1,6km until you reach a gate (N59.27781 E9.88759). Park here (there is parking for 1-2 cars near the gate). Continue 0,6km along the forest road and then turn left onto a tractor road (N59.27252 E9.88363 - signposted "Vettakollen"). You have now 1,7km of tractor road/forest trail in Askedalen ahead of you. The high point (N59.25915 E9.88214) offers a good view!
  • Hvttingen [Holmestrand]; locate the place Skjervik along RV313 ("Gamleveien" Holmestrand - Sande). Then locate the start of the Stasjonsvegen road (N59.55637 E10.23419) leading to Orrebergsvannet (the exit from RV313 can be confusing). 1,1km later, you arrive at the public parking (N59.55735 E10.21859). Park here. A bike is useful for the rest of your trip! Follow the forest road 4,6km to the high point (N59.54629 E10.19630). There is a fire lookout tower that you can climb for better views.
  • Snippane [Re]; locate RV820, connecting FV40 and RV312. 0,7km east of Damtjernet, look for the start of a forest road, signposted "Snipen" and closed by a gate. Park here. (N59.44002 E10.07945). Follow this forest road (stay right at the fork after 0,65km) for 1,4km until it ends (N59.43389 E10.06172). Continue along a tractor road (signposted "Snipen") for 0,45km. The tractor road forks. Go to the right - first to the northwest, then to the south and up to a cabin (N59.42762 E10.06206). Follow the ridge to the south for 0,3km to the high point (N59.42522 E10.06278). Here's a route description in Norwegian language...
  • Brånafjell [Andebu]; locate RV312 (Andebu - Vassås). Then locate a RV610 just west of RV312. Find the road to Valmestadsætra, initially marked by the signpost "521-529". From these houses, the road is private and closed by a gate 0,6km up the road. Either park down by RV610 or ask for permission to park at the gate. From the gate, follow the forest road 3km up to the end of the road (N59.38629 E10.07265) - approx. 320 meters. Follow a tractor road to the south, and then turn left onto another tractor road after 150 meters. You will soon pass a cabin (on your left) and the tractor road ends here. Follow a vague path to a watch tower. From here, you will need to descend into a small valley and ascend up to the top on the other side. On top (N59.37929 E10.07842) you will see signposts pointing to Merkedammen and Grøntjernet.    
  • Kjæranåsen [Horten]; locate the Sletterød junction on E18 (west of Horten). Follow RV680 to the west for 0,8km (N59.42131 E10.35208), then turn south onto Kjærranveien (signposted). Follow this road 1km and turn right. After 0,3km, turn left, and after 0,35km turn right again. After 0,45km you arrive at Fossøla (a yellow house). Ask for permission to park here (N59.41329 E10.35974). The marked forest path begins here. Follow it 0,55km up the forest to the official high point (N59.40803 E10.34740). Note that the map high point is found 62 meters to the northwest, but the forest is so dense that it doesn't seem to make sense to look for this point.
  • Hjertås [Sandefjord]; locate the RV275 (Sandefjord - Torp) aka Lingelemveien. From the Bottenveien/Lingelemveien junction (N59.16232 E10.21849) near Hjertås, follow Lingelemveien 0,35km to the north. Park here (N59.16553 E10.21960). Continue 0,13km on Lingelemveien and turn right onto a tractor road which is closed by a gate. Continue up to the power lines and then follow a marked forest path up to the high point (N59.16371 E10.22647).
  • Signalen [Tønsberg]; locate the Undrumsdal junction on E18 (west of Åsgårdstrand). Then follow RV306 (Nyerrød - Skoppum) towards Voll. Turn west (N59.34694 E10.37344) onto the road towards Grøum and follow this road for 1,9km. Turn south to the public parking at Holt Gård (N59.35459 E10.34969). Go towards the farm follow the first tractor road to the left. Follow it down to a soccer field and locate the marked forest path near this field. Follow the path to the southwest, cross the creek and head up the (very nice) forest to the high point (N59.34582 E10.35775). A visit of the farm could be of interest. Check for the opening hours.
  • Vetan [Nøtterøy]; from Tønsberg, follow RV308 towards Nøtterøy/Tjøme. At Engås (N59.19876 E10.40869) on Nøtterøy turn south onto RV415 ("Torød"). Follow this road for 2,1km, then turn left again at the second "Torød" signpost (N59.18086 E10.41422). You're still on RV415. Follow this road for 1,4km then turn left (N59.17559 E10.43033) onto a local road. Follow it for 0,35km - to the point where the road up to Vetan begins. This road is closed by a gate. Walk or bike the 0,5km up to the fence that keeps visitors away from the installation on top. It is forbidden to cross the fence.
  • Herkelås [Tjøme]; from Tønsberg, follow RV308 towards Nøtterøy/Tjøme. Cross Nøtterøy and the bridge to Tjøme. In the Vestvegen/Østvegen junction (N59.16597 E10.39560) just after the bridge, turn left onto Østvegen. Drive 1,1km and turn right onto a smaller road (N59.16121 E10.40792). Drive 0,25km, then turn right again. Drive 0,125km and turn right for the third time. After 0,15km, you're at the beginning of the forest path. Park here (N59.15760 E10.40266). Follow the forest path to the south. The distance to the high point (N59.14951 E10.40183) is approx. 1,1km.

  • Holterkjæråsen S. [Tjøme]; from Tønsberg, follow RV308 towards Nøtterøy/Tjøme. Cross Nøtterøy and the bridge to Tjøme. In the Vestvegen/Østvegen junction (N59.16597 E10.39560) just after the bridge, turn right onto Vestvegen and follow this road 2,3km to Gjervåg. Turn left (N59.15061 E10.39041) onto the Gjervågskauen road and follow it for 2,6km. Turn right onto a narrow that runs up to the Åsen cabins. Find parking for one car at N59.13275 E10.40321. A forest path takes you up to the ridge. Follow the ridge to the north until you reach the high point (N59.13457 E10.40041). This is a short hike - less than 0,3km from the car...


The Vestfold tops

The Vestfold tops
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